Cactus shack

A place to come and find out what is going on in the world of Purple Cactus and friends.

I draw stuff and bung it on tshirts and paper. I also take photos of nice things, play around with them to make them even nicer and put that on paper too.


Need a hug? Need a bear hug? Then you need this t-shirt to tell the world. 


‘Bear Hug’ is now on sale until Sept 4th on Nowherebad for only $12. Grab one while you can and check out Pigboy Tees fan page on Facebook.

The design is based on the old notion of a “bear hug,” or a big powerful embrace. Except, you know, from an actual bear. An actual bear who is probably angry because he smells your peanut butter sandwiches but can’t find any.